Program – The Doctor

Program – The Doctor


The Program for 2023 will be available closer to the event. 

The Shaw and Partners WA Race Week is proudly supported by City of Joondalup.

Thank you to Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club for hosting our events at their surf club.The program of events will be updated regularly. All times and events are subject to change. 


The Doctor Program has been updated as per the recently published Shaw and Partners  WA Race Week Program. 

Click on the DOCTOR PROGRAM button below for the program relating to Friday 25th and Saturday 26th November only (extract from the full program). 

Please note that registration for The Doctor event will take place between 4and 6pm on Friday 25th November. You only need to register at this time if you have not previously registered for WA Race Week. For example if it is the only event in WA Race Week you are doing.

All competitors must attend The Doctor Briefing at 6pm on Friday night at Sorrento SLSC. 

If you are only racing in The Doctor you can register at anytime during the week where the WA Race Registrations are listed in the full program.

Have you downloaded the SafeTrx App?

The event tracking App for The Doctor.

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The below program is for The Doctor event only. Please check the Shaw and Partners WA Race Week website for the full weeks program once available.

The WA Race Week is proudly supported by City of Joondalup.

Thank you to Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club for hosting our events at their surf club.

The Doctor is scheduled to race on Saturday 26th November 2022 starting at Rottnest Island and finishing at Sorrento Beach. This can be reversed if strong off-shore conditions prevail. In the advent of dangerous conditions on Saturday the event may be moved to Sunday 27th November or an alternative course put in place. If wind strength is forecast to exceed our maximum operational strength for the course we will move the event to a coastal race. 

The program of events will be updated regularly. All times and events are subject to change. 





Friday 25th November 2022

8am Start (7am rego)

Shaw and Partners Dash for Cash

Click here for full event details.

Presentations will take place immediately after the event on the beach. 

Sorrento Beach

11.00am – 6.00pm

Compulsory Registration for The Shaw and Partners Doctor – see info below this table for what you are required to bring to rego.

Sorrento SLSC

Approx 3.00 – 5.00pm

Barge Loading for The Doctor

Click here for more info.

North Fremantle

From 5.30pm

Dinner available at Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club.

Sorrento SLSC


Compulsory Event Briefing for The Shaw and Partners Doctor

Sorrento SLSC

Saturday 26th November 2022 – The Doctor Race Day

*** See more detailed information on race day below this table

7.30 and 8.00am

Competitors travel to Rottnest Island on ferry or own transport. Ferry departs Hillary Marina for Rottnest Island with Rottnest Fast Ferries

Rottnest Fast Ferries depart from Hillarys Marina, Sorrento.

From 8.30am

Ferry arrives on Rottnest Island.

Competitors assist with moving craft from the barge to the beach. Competitors prepare craft for race – attach rudders and sponsor and race stickers to craft.

Main Jetty, Rottnest Island

Prior to 11am

Race Check-In & Equipment Check.

Competitors must check in at Army Jetty. We will advise when this opens once on the island. Check in closes at 11am. Anyone that does not check in before 11am will not be allowed to race.

Army Jetty, Rottnest Island

As advised by Race Director

Compulsory Event Briefing

Army Jetty, Rottnest Island

As advised by Race Director

Event Start

Army Jetty, Rottnest Island


Finish at Sorrento Beach

Sorrento SLSC

4.00pm onwardsFood and drinks available at Sorrento Surf Club.

Sorrento SLSC


Presentations for The Shaw and Partners Doctor and WA Race Week

You must be present to receive your award.

Location TBC


Important Information for The Doctor

Friday 25th November – The Doctor Registration & Briefing at Sorrento Beach SLSC

Registration is from 11am to 6pm on Friday at Sorrento SLSC. This allows plenty of time during the day to register to avoid queues later on in the evening. 

Final Event Briefing will take place at 6.00pm at Sorrento SLSC. All competitors are required to attend please.

You must bring with you to registration the mandatory equipment. Check the Rules and Equipment page here. You will not be able to register without these items. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you register on Friday night and decide not to do the race you must call or text the event director Dean Gardiner on 0427 171 403 to advise you have withdrawn. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: NO ALCOHOL is allowed outside of the club hall and BBQ area as this will be breaching the clubs licence policy. This includes no alcohol on the outside grass area. Thank you for your cooperation.

Saturday 26th November – Doctor Race Day 

Ferry to Rottnest Island 

Competitors travel to Rottnest Island by ferry. This takes approx 40mins.

Rottnest Fast Ferries are our preferred Ferry carrier. The ferry departs from Hillarys Marina at 7.30 and 8.00am. You must book directly with Rottnest Fast Ferries. Click here for more info.

We want all competitors to be on Rottnest Island as early as possible as the event may start anytime depending on shipping movements and conditions.

When you Arrive On Rottnest Island

When you arrive on Rottnest you must get your craft off the barge. The barge will be at the Main Jetty where the ferry arrives. You are responsible for looking after your own craft.

You can install your rudders at the Main Jetty and paddle over (south) to Army Jetty where the start will be.

You must place the race number stickers and sponsor stickers on your craft once you get to Rottnest. These will be provided on Friday at registration.

Race Check-In & Equipment Check on Rottnest Island

All competitors will be required to check in at Rottnest Island to the officials. This will be done prior to the race briefing over at Army Jetty. You must check in and show your mandatory equipment. Any competitors that fail to check-in will be disqualified and unable to race. This must be done by 11am.

Make sure you take the following to Rottnest Island:

  • Mandatory equipment as outlined on the Rules and Equipment page.
  • Timing chip collected on Friday – to be worn on your ankle
  • Rudder for your ski and tools to attached your rudder (all rudders will be removed for the barge transport)
  • Your paddle
  • Fluids for the race (you can purchase drinks at Rottnest if needed but it is strongly recommended to take water with you for both pre and during the race)
    Sponsor and race number stickers for your craft that will be provided at registration

Take minimal gear as what you take to Rottnest you will need to paddle back with! Do not take anything other than what you are paddling in or what can be thrown away on Rottnest as we are unable to bring any gear back to the mainland. Please ensure you use rubbish bins at Rottnest.

There will be equipment scrutineering on Rottnest Island. Any competitor that does not abide by the stated Rules and Equipment requirements will be automatically disqualified and prohibited from racing.

You must be checked in at the Army Jetty by 11am.

Race Briefing

This will take place prior to the start at Army Jetty. See map below. The time will be advised once you are on Rottnest Island.

Start Location

Army Jetty, Thompson Bay, Rottnest Island. See map below

The race will start immediately in front of the Army Jetty. The course will pass to the South of both Phillip Rock and Centaur Reef South Cardinal Marker.  After rounding the Centaur Reef South Cardinal Marker it will be a direct line to Sorrento Beach. The details of the finish will be explained at the briefing. Check the Course page. 

Start Times

The start time is dependent on shipping movements and conditions and can take place anytime from 11am onwards. Therefore please ensure you get to Rottnest Island as early as possible and have checked in by 11am.

We plan to have 3 start waves.

Wave 1: SUPs & Prone Paddleboards
Wave 2: OC1s and ladies single surf skis
Wave 3: All other categories

Finish Location

Sorrento Beach, outside Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club. from 4pm food and drinks available.  Please support the club that supports our event and join us for dinner and drinks.


Approx 6.00pm (location TBC) 


Oceanpaddler contacts during the event:

Oceanpaddler Mobile: 0422 554 965

Dean Gardiner: 0427 171 403

Yanda Morison: 0414 454 648



Sorrento Beach Map

Rottnest Island Map