The Doctor

The Doctor

Shaw and Partners Doctor

Saturday 30th November 2024

Shaw and Partners WA Race Week

23rd to 30th November 2024

2023 Photos and Results


$180,000+ in CASH & PRIZES

The Doctor 2023 Start Time

The Doctor event on Saturday 25th November 2023 will be starting earlier than previous years. All competitors will need to be checked in on Rottnest Island (start location) by 10am.  If travelling to Rottnest Island with Rottnest Fast Ferries (our preferred ferry) ensure you book the 7.30am or 8.15am ferry departing from Hillary’s Marina. Click here for ferry information.

Craft and Competitor Transport to Rottnest Island

You must arrange to have your craft transported to Rottnest Island either by the Oceanpaddler barge, ferry companies or private transport. The Oceanpaddler barge is sold out but you can join our waitlist. 

You must arrange transport for yourself to Rottnest Island on the morning of the race. You can book with Rottnest Fast Ferries (our preferred ferry).  Ensure you book the 7.30am or 8.15am ferry departing from Hillary’s Marina. Click here for ferry information.

The barge is only for craft transport not competitors

The Shaw and Partners WA Race Week is proudly sponsored by the City of Joondalup.


About The Doctor Race

The Shaw and Partners Doctor is regarded by many as the ultimate ocean paddling race. A crossing from the famous Rottnest Island to the stunning white sands of Sorrento Beach. The Doctor captures the ocean paddlers imagination as no other race can. Starting in the crystal blue waters of Rottnest, the paddler is soon into fast moving ocean chop, whipped up by the events namesake and nickname for the afternoon South West wind that prevails nearly every day in summer.

For the next ninety minutes plus, the paddler will be focussed on hooking into the steep surfable chop. The Centaur Marker will appear in front and the paddler will be entering the last third of the race. Up to this point you feel as if you have been the only person on the water but on rounding the marker, paddlers appear all around you.

With the beach in sight and the final run caught, the paddler will leave the craft and make the short run to the finish.

Please check the navigation bar for information regarding the event. Further information on the 2024 Doctor Event will be updated in due course. 

This is a great way for spectators to get amongst the action and watch their paddling friends participate in The Doctor – one of the greatest ocean paddling events in the world. This is a one way ticket from Rottnest Island to Hillarys Marina.  Click on the link for more info.

You must enter all 4 or 5 race week events applicable to your category to go into the draw. We will provide the days and times we will be drawing the Ski Giveaway when we release the final program. You must be present at the time of the draw to receive the ski. 

Latest News

A race being run from an offshore island to the mainland has certain logistical hurdles, mostly getting your craft and yourself to the island.

To make this easier for most of the participants in the race we have organised a barge to get your craft to the Island. We load the barge on the Friday before the race. If you wish to get your craft onto the barge please look at the barge info here and book this when entering online.

Rottnest Fast Ferries will take a limited number of craft and quite a few competitors organise their own transport via private and charter vessels.

Ferries operate from both Hillarys Marina and Fremantle and there are plenty of services operating to be on the Island in time for the compulsory 11am check in. We recommend you get the earliest ferry possible to give yourself ample time to get over to the start line.

The start line is approximately 1km from where the skis are unloaded and as much help as possible is required to get all the skis off the barge.

Final race course and time will be decided on Friday evening at the pre-race briefing. The races plans to start at Rottnest Island and finish at Sorrento Beach, however, should the winds be blowing easterly then the course may be reversed.

More detailed information about The Doctor race day is available on the Program page and there is FAQ page which has useful information. If you have any questions please make contact with us. Email:

Please navigate through the website using the links in the navigation bar for more information.