FAQs – The Doctor

FAQs – The Doctor



What is registration and where is this held?

Registration is compulsory for all competitors to attend. You need to sign off your name and collect your timing chip and craft stickers. Registration is held at Sorrento Beach SLSC on the Friday prior. Check the program for times.

You must bring to registration your mandatory equipment. Please check the Rules and Equipment tab for these details. 

Do I need to attend the registration and race briefing?

Yes it is compulsory for you to attend registration and the final race briefing so you are aware of all details for the event.  If you do not attend registration and just turn up on Rottnest Island then you will not be able to race.

You must bring to registration your mandatory equipment to have it checked. 

What happens if I register for the event on Friday and then decide not to race?

You must call Oceanpaddler on 0422 554 965 so you can be formally withdrawn from the event. This is a very important safety requirement.

How do I enter the event?

Go to the home page and click on the ENTER NOW button. If this is not available then online entries are not open yet. 

Online entries are only available. No entries will be taken at registration on Friday.

What compulsory safety equipment is require for the race?

Click here for full details.

You must bring these items with you to registration on Friday and have them checked again on Rottnest Island. 

Any competitor that does not abide by the rules will be disqualified and not permitted to race.

Where can I buy an orange smoke flare and red parachute flare from?

You can buy flares from most boating suppliers. Alternatively, you can buy these flares online during the entry process and collect at registration. We may have a few flares at registration to buy however we strongly recommend booking one online so you don’t miss out.

How does my craft get to Rottnest Island?

Oceanpaddler organises a barge to send the craft over to Rottnest Island. Numbers are limited and will be available until sold out. The barge is loaded on Friday afternoon from Fremantle. Click here for all info. You may also make your own arrangements to get your craft to Rottnest Island. The ferries companies take a limited number as well. 

Where and when is the barge loaded?

This is done on Friday afternoon. Click here for the barge location and details.

You must bring your own craft to the barge or organise someone to do this for you.

It is a big job getting all the craft on the barge so please be patient when we do this..

How do I book my craft on the barge?

You must book and pay for the barge transport during the online entry process. No booking then no spot.

I entered the event and forgot to book my craft transport on the barge, can I still book?

Yes if there are spaces available. When you entered online you received a confirmation registration email. On this email is a link to VIEW or EDIT your registration. Go to this link and under ‘option’ you can purchase craft transport.  We anticipate the barge will sell out quickly.

I have hired a ski for the race from Oceanpaddler. Do I need to book transport and how does my ski get to the barge?

Yes you must book during the online entry process. For those that have hired skis from Oceanpaddler then we will advise on how your ski will be loaded on the barge when you pick up your hire ski. Please ensure you have booked craft transport as this is not included in your hire fee.

Can I take my own craft to Rottnest Island?

Yes some paddlers have their own boat and can take their own craft across to Rottnest. If you have a support boat following you in the race you must tell the event organisers the skippers name and contact number. This is a requirement by Fremantle Ports that all support boats are accounted for. Please email contact@oceanpaddler.com

When and where does my ski arrive on Rottnest Island?

The barge leaves Fremantle very early on race morning and will arrive at the Main Jetty where the ferries arrive. When you arrive on the ferry you will then head over to the barge and unload your craft. You are responsible for ensuring your own craft is taken off the barge.

How do I get to Rottnest Island?

You get the ferry to Rottnest Island or arrange your own transport. Book a ticket with Rottnest Fast Ferries who are our preferred carriers. You must get the earliest ferry so you are on the island to remove your craft from the barge and ready for when the race starts. The ferry departs from Hillarys Marina which is right next to Sorrento SLSC at 7.30am.

To book your ferry ticket click here.

What time should I get to Rottnest Island?

You should get to Rottnest Island early on race day by getting the 7.30am ferry of the day. The race can start anytime from 10am onwards so you need to be prepared.

What facilities are available on Rottnest Island?

There are cafes to buy food and water along with amenities.

What time and where will the race start?

The race will start any time from 10am onwards depending on shipping movements and conditions. Ensure you are on Rottnest Island as early as possible.

The race will start in front of the Army Jetty on Rottnest Island. See Program page for map.
Click here for course maps.

What is Check-In on Rottnest.

All competitors must check in with the event staff on Rottnest Island with their mandatory equipment that we will be checking. This must be done prior to 10am at Army Jetty. 

What should I take to Rottnest Island?

Only take to Rottnest what you will paddle back with. Oceanpaddler cannot take any gear back to the mainland for you. Take the following:

  • Lifejacket
  • HI-VI clothing (lifejacket or hat)
  • Leash
  • Flares
  • Timing chip
  • Sponsor and race number stickers for your craft that will be provided in rego bags
  • Rudder for your ski and tools to attached your rudder
  • Paddle
  • Fluids for the race (you can purchase drinks at Rottnest if needed but it is strongly recommended to take water with you for both pre and during the race)

I have a support boat that wants to follow me in the race. Is this OK?

Yes, but you need to tell the event organisers the type of boat and boat name, skippers name and contact number. This is a requirement by Fremantle Ports that all support boats are accounted for. Please email contact@oceanpaddler.com

For all other event details please visit the Program page.