“The difference between someone that wins or just completes The Doctor, 20 Beaches and Molokai is the ability to read the ocean”.

Our day trips will feature an intense theory and practical session followed by an in depth debrief on the intricacies of oceanpaddling. 

You will start with the theory and how to look for and feel comfortable in the ocean swell and chop. and how geographical and ocean movements affect the way you approach paddling on the ocean.

This will be followed by a long downwind practical session where you will be guided from a boat. This will be broken into sections with smaller debriefs after each run.
Following the practical we will take you somewhere calm and go over the positives and negatives of each section.


Cost for this session is $350 per person or $1800 for a maximum of six people. 
You will use your own ski or we can hire you a suitable ski for $50.


Email us to enquire or make a booking as to when our next Downwind Day Trip will be held. Email:

If you are booking in a group it would be preferred that you are all pretty close in ability or can be within a reasonably close distance over an 8 minute paddling timeframe.

Safety Gear

You will need to carry all the safety equipment minimum requirements are

  • Lifejacket
  • Leash
  • Mobile phone or PLB