Training Programs

Training Programs

Oceanpaddler has partnered with Paddle 2 Fitness to bring you the very best training programs for surf ski paddling, racing and to help you reach your paddling goals.

Paddle 2 Fitness Training Programs

Started in 2008 by Julian Norton-Smith (former national and world champion), Paddle 2 Fitness helps paddlers of all levels improve technique, strength, endurance and overall fitness. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned paddler, Julian uses his 35+ years of on water experience and research from leading experts in the field to develop a range of programs. With a professionally written and balanced training program, we will calculate your current training paces (KM/H and HR) which will give you three training levels to train at. Our daily training sessions make your life simple by giving you the number of sets, minutes and training levels. All you have to do is paddle! No matter where you are geographically, Paddle 2 Fitness programs will give you the structure and support to help achieve your goals.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply choose any one of the programs below and you are on your way to becoming a stronger, more efficient paddler. If you have a 20-30km race more than 3 months away then choose RACE READY 20-30km, if you are looking for daily paddling sessions with no specific race in mind then choose PEAK PERFORMANCE or if you would like to attend our weekly squad sessions then choose SQUAD SESSIONS.

Race Ready Program

Our RACE READY programs will have you ready to race in 12 weeks. These programs give you the flexibility to train when you can, with 3-4 Monday – Friday sessions, 1 weekend session and 1 weekly cross training session included. 

  • Be race ready in 12 weeks 
  • Paddling programs set weekly
  • Complete the sessions in your own time
  • Up to 4 paddling and 2 cross sessions / week
  • Access to 4 x Paddle 2 Fitness Podcasts
  • Access 4 x CLUB HOUSE videos


Peak Performance Program


Our PEAK PERFORMANCE program is for paddlers looking for 7 days a week 364 days a year training support and guidance. This program targets all race distances, with daily training sessions that will have you race ready and at peak performance all year round.

  • Daily paddling sessions set weekly
  • Focus on all RACE READY distances
  • Up to 6 paddling sessions / week
  • Various cross training sessions available
  • Access ALL Paddle 2 Fitness Podcasts
  • Access ALL CLUB HOUSE videos

$465 annually OR $9.95 per week

Squad Sessions

Our SQUAD SESSIONS are for local paddlers in SE Queensland who would like to attend our weekly squad sessions. Paddlers can attend unlimited weekly sessions (Gold Coast / Brisbane) as well as attend any downwind skills sessions provided. Paddlers will also follow and have access to the PEAK PERFORMANCE program. All levels welcome, especially beginner / developing paddlers

  • Attend unlimited weekly squad sessions
  • Up to 9 weekly squad sessions available
  • Includes bi-monthly downwind clinics
  • Available Gold Coast and Brisbane, Australia
  • Includes personal coaching and video analysis
  • Includes FULL access to PEAK PERFORMANCE Program