AORS Series Info

AORS Series Info

AORS Series Info 2023

Below is the list of events for the 2023 series. Please note that additional events may be added to the series. 

Each event has a star rating which is used for the point score. See below for further information.  

Click on the event names to be redirected to the event websites.

Please note that the list of events may be subject to change.


EventLocationDateStar Rating
Manly Wharf Bridge to BeachSydney Harbour, NSWSun 19th Feb2
Shaw and Partners Forster Race Weekend
Shaw and Partners Forster Nine Mile CupBarrington Coast, NSWSat 22nd April2
Shaw and Partners Forster Ocean ClassicBarrington Coast, NSWSun 23rd April3
South Australian Ocean Paddling Series #1Adelaide, SASun 13th Aug1
The ChuckySydney Northern Beaches, NSWSat 2nd Sept2
South Australian Ocean Paddling Series #2Adelaide, SASun 10th Sept1
North Bondi Surf Ski ClassicNorth Bondi, NSWSat 7th Oct2
South Australian Ocean Paddling Series #3Adelaide, SASun 8th Oct1
Coolangatta Gold Surf Ski RaceGold Coast, QLDSat 14th Oct1
Shaw and Partners 20 BeachesSydney Northern Beaches, NSWSat 28th Oct3
Surf SafariHobart, TASSat 4th Nov1
Mandurah DuelMandurah WASun 12th Nov1
Dr Benjamin Hewitt Sunset SurfSki Series #1Perth, WAThur 16th Nov1
Shaw and Partners WA Race Week
Fenn West Coast DownwindPerth, WASat 18th Nov2
Dr Benjamin Hewitt Sunset SurfSki Series #2Perth, WATue 21st Nov2
Dr Benjamin Hewitt Sunset SurfSki Series #3Perth, WAThur 23rd Nov2
The Shaw and Partners DoctorPerth, WASat 25th Nov3

AORS Categories

This year the AORS will be following the International Canoe Federation (ICF) racing categories for single skis (in 10yr increments for the Over 40 and above age groups).

Primary Categories (Male and Female)

Secondary Category

All Ski primary category competitors are automatically entered in the Ski Overall (secondary Category). For example a Junior, Over 40 Ski or SLSA Spec Ski competitor is also entered in the Ski Overall secondary category. As per previous years, Oceanpaddler will use Ski Overall results when presenting results for Ski Open results.

Competitors Age

Competitors age is as of 31/12/2023. That is the age bracket the competitor is turning in the 2023 calendar year. 

For example: The first year a 15-18yrs Surf Ski competitor can compete in the year in which his 15th birthday falls and the last year he may compete in that category is the year in which his 18th birthday falls. That is they must be 15-18yrs as of 31/12/23.

Competitors can only enter one category. For example a 50 year old entered in the SLSA Spec Ski primary category is not eligible for Over 50 Ski points and prizes, only SLSA Spec Ski primary category and Ski Overall secondary category.

Series Points

There are a total of 30 stars across the whole series. Each event has its own star value with three events having a 3 star rating. To get your maximum points you must acquire a minimum of 15 Stars and you must compete in at least one 3 Star event.

In doubles you need to acquire a minimum of 10 stars to get your best ranking.

By arranging the points this way competitors will be able to compete in both doubles and singles over the season.

If you have raced in more than 15 stars of events we will drop your lowest scoring races. We may be required to split a result due to the number of points already acquired.

If two or more competitors end up on the same score the result from The Doctor will decide the winner. If neither competitor raced in The Doctor then we will use the 20 Beaches result followed by Forster Ocean Classic result.

Placing1 Star Event2 Star Event3 Star Event
141 point gap onwards17052440
15 17002420
16 16952400
17 16932380
18 2 point gap onwards2370
19  2360
20  2355
21  2352
22  3 point gap onwards


1st – 2500
2nd – 2450
3rd – 2412
4th – 2380
5th – 2358
6th – 2341
7th – 2329
8th -2320
9th – 2314
10th – 2311
11th onwards – two point gap between places 2309, 2307 etc


1st – 2000
2nd  – 1960
3rd – 1926
4th – 1898
5th -1876
6th – 1858
7th – 1844
8th – 1834
9th – 1828
10th – 1826
11th onwards – one point gap between placings 1825, 1824 etc


1st – 1500
2nd  – 1470
3rd – 1444
4th – 1423
5th – 1407
6th – 1395
7th – 1385
8th – 1377
9th – 1372
10th – 1369 
11th onwards – one point gap between placings 1368, 1367 etc


1st – 1000
2nd – 980
3rd – 963
4th – 949
5th – 938
6th – 929
7th – 922
8th – 917
9th – 914
10th – 913
11th onwards – one point gap between places 912, 911 etc


1st – 500
2nd  – 490
3rd – 482
4th – 476
5th – 472
6th onwards – one gap point between placings 471, 470, 469 etc

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