Results & Points Score – AORS

Results & Points Score – AORS

AORS 2022 Final Point Score

We apologise for the slight delay in getting the final series points to you. There was a slight glitch in our initial points system which made a one star event more valuable than the other stars. We have adjusted all the star events so that each star has a total value of 500 points. For example a 5 star event has a total value of 5 x 500 points so 2500 points, 4 star event 4 x 500 points so 2000 points, and so on. This will not change the overall results. We also encountered a large number of data errors. Examples of this are people entering wrong DOBs or Tony entering in one event as that name and as Anthony in the next event. 

Event Results

AORS Series Points

Each event has a star rating as outlined above on the AORS events list here

To get maximum points, competitors will need to acquire 24 stars. There are a total of 47 stars on the program. For the points, your top 24 star placings will be used. If you have raced in more than 24 stars worth of races we will discard your lowest placings, and in the case of your best events exceeding 24 stars we will split the value accordingly. EG You end up with 25 stars worth of races and your lowest points were in a 3 star event we will take 66.6% of the value of the 3 star event to make the total 24 stars.


****If two or more competitors end up on the same total AORS adjusted points then the best result in The Doctor event will be the deciding result. 

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