Shaw and Partners Dash for Cash

An event of the Shaw and Partners WA Race Week

Three races one champion!

$15,000 in Prize Money

Sorrento Beach, WA

Firday 22nd November 2019

(the day prior to The Doctor)

Wild Card Trial Selection Race 9.15am Start

Finals 10.00am Start

How it works

The Shaw and Partners Dash for Cash features fifteen of the worlds best paddlers competing over three races to find the ultimate sprint king and queen.

The race will start 600m offshore racing directly to the beach will a small run to the finish.

This event is open to anyone. In the Open Category fifteen paddlers will be selected from trials and pre-selection to compete in the three race final Dash for Cash. In addition there will be age category races (straight out finals). Competitors can enter in both the open and age category races. You will need to enter in both by completing two seperate online entries.

Open Category Race

The top fifteen male and female paddlers for the final races will be selected using the following criteria.

Trials – We will be holding trials on the morning of the event to select the finalists for the open categories of this event. There are ten spots open that will be filled from the trials. The trials will consist of two heats then a final if numbers exceed 20 paddlers.  If less than 20 paddlers it will be a straight final. The top ten join the five pre-selected listed below.

Pre-selected – The top five paddlers from each gender from last years Doctor are all pre-qualified for the final. These are:


    • Cory Hill
    • Mackenzie Hynard
    • Clint Robinson
    • Sean Rice
    • Michael Booth


    • Georgia Laird
    • Naomi Flood
    • Tenealle Hatton
    • Haley Nixon
    • Jemma Smith

If any of the above competitors cannot attend, the next place along will receive the invitation.

The final will consist of three races where the back competitors are eliminated. The winner of each race picks up prize money which increases with each race.

Age Category Races

We will also have straight one race finals for the following age categories to be held between the trials and the main event. 

The age categories are the same as the AORS which is your age as of the first AORS event 5th October 2019.

  • Under 19 Men and Women (you must be 19 or under as at the 5th Oct 2019)
  • Over 40 Men 
  • Over 50 Men 

**** There must be at least 10 entries per category to run the race. We will add the additional AORS categories (single ski only) to the Dash for Cash if ten or more paddlers come forward in those categories not listed above. For categories that don’t take part in the Dash for Cash, points for the WA Race Week will be taken from four events.

Prize Money

Open Prize Money (each gender)

  • Race 1  – $500 for first, bottom five competitors eliminated
  • Race 2  – $1,000 for first, bottom five eliminated
  • Race 3  – $3,500 for first and $125 each for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Age Category Prize Money 

  • 1st $500
  • 2nd $350
  • 3rd $150


Entry Fees

Early Bird Entry  – $45 (up to Thursday 14th November)

Late Entry – $70 (from Friday 15th to Wednesday 20th November)

No on the day entry, you must enter online.

Online entries will close at midnight Wednesday 20th November 2019.

Competitors can enter in both the open and age category races. You will need to enter in both by completing two seperate online entries.

Free Entry

*****Free entry for all Fenn Paddlers. This season Fenn and Oceanpaddler will be covering the entry fee for all Fenn paddlers in the Dash for Cash. Please email Oceanpaddler at, and if eligible we will provide you with an online promo code to use when entering. All Fenn paddlers must enter online. 


Point Score for The Shaw and Partners WA Race Week

The Shaw and Partners Dash for Cash is an event of the Shaw and Partners WA Race Week. Click here for full details. 

The following point score will be used towards the overall point score for the Shaw and Partners WA Race week.

Open & Age Group Category

  • 1st – 50
  • 2nd – 40
  • 3rd – 32
  • 4th – 25
  • 5th – 19
  • 6th – 14
  • 7th – 10
  • 8th – 7
  • 9th – 3
  • 10th – 2
  • Everyone 11th and after gets 1 point.

As we don’t have categories in the Dash for Cash for all our WA Race Week categories, those competitors will only need to compete in four of the five WA Race Week events.