Australian Ocean Racing Series

Australian Ocean Racing Series

presented by Shaw and Partners Financial Services

The Shaw and Partners Australian Ocean Racing Series is back! The 2019/2020 series will kick off in August this year, and will showcase the largest and most successful ocean racing events in the country, amongst them the iconic Doctor, the 20 Beaches Ocean Classic and the Manly Wharf Bridge to Beach to name a few. We are thrilled to have the support once again from Shaw and Partners Financial Services as the naming sponsor of this year’s series.

The Australian Ocean Racing Series (AORS) is a national ocean racing series attracting competitors across a number of ocean racing disciplines including Ocean skis, Surf skis, Stand Up Paddleboards, Prone Paddleboards and Outrigger Canoes.

AORS Events 2019-2020

Updated 17th June 2019

Below is the updated draft list of events for the coming season. Please note that there may be additional events to add to the series. We will be updating this shortly.

Blue indicates Major Events.

# Date Event Location
1  Sat 5th Oct 2019 Charles Stewart Memorial Cup Sydney Northern Beaches, NSW
2  Sat 19th Oct 2019 Shaw and Partners North Bondi Surf Ski Classic North Bondi, NSW
3  Sat 2nd Nov 2019 Surf Safari 

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Hobart, TAS
4 Sat 16th Nov 2019 Fenn West Coast Downwind  Perth, WA 
5 Tue 19th Nov 2019 Triple S Sunset Surfski Series #1  Perth, WA
6 Thurs 21st Nov 2019 Triple S Sunset Surfski Series #2 Perth, WA
7 Sat 23rd Nov 2019 The Doctor  Perth, WA
8 Thur 28th Nov 2019 Triple S Sunset Surfski Series #3 Perth, WA
9 Sat 7th Dec 2019 20 Beaches Ocean Classic Sydney Northern Beaches, NSW
10 Sat 1st Feb 2020  Great Ocean Paddle Torquay, VIC
11 **Sun 2nd Feb 2020 (TBC) Bridge to Beach Melbourne

Cancelled – see note below

Melbourne, VIC
12 Sun 23rd Feb 2020 Manly Wharf Bridge to Beach Sydney Harbour, NSW

*** Bridge to Beach Melbourne – due to time retrictions this event will not be going ahead in 2020. We plan to run this event in 2021. We apologies for the inconvenience. Stay tuned for next year.

How the points work

There are 5 Major Events: The Charles Stewart Memorial Cup, Fenn Westcoast Downwind, The Doctor, 20 Beaches Ocean Classic and Manly Wharf Bridge to Beach. All other events including the Major events are a Series event.  

To obtain your maximum point score for the AORS you must compete in three (3) Majors and three (3) Series events. You can compete in all the events if you like, however, we will take your highest points from the three Majors and three additional Series events. All Major Events events are considered Series events also. If you compete in all four majors your lowest points in one of the four races will be used and adjusted (halved) to a series event.  

For Doubles to obtain maximum points the team need only compete in a dedicated Double ski event (TBA) plus (1) Major and two (2) Series events. Once again doubles can do as many events as they wish and there will be double categories in all events. This will enable paddlers to compete in both doubles and singles throughout the series.

The points will work on a sliding scale as listed below: 

If two or more competitors end up on the same total AORS adjusted points then for 2019/2020 Season The Doctor event will be the deciding result. 


  • 1st – 1000
  • 2nd  – 980
  • 3rd – 963
  • 4th – 949
  • 5th – 938
  • 6th – 929
  • 7th – 922
  • 8th – 917
  • 9th – 914
  • 10th – 913 
  • 11th onwards – one gap point between placings 912,911,910 etc


  • 1st – 500
  • 2nd – 490
  • 3rd – 482
  • 4th – 476
  • 5th – 472
  • 6th onwards – one gap point between placings 471,470,469 etc


AORS categories

Competitor’s age category is based on the age as at the first AORS event (5th October 2019).

All competitors are automatically entered in the open category of their discipline. For example a 45-year-old Ski Paddler enters the Ski Over 40 category he will also be entered in the Ski Open category. 

Competitors can only enter one category. For example a 50 year old entered in the Spec Ski is not eligible for Over 50 points and prizes, only Spec Ski and Ski Open.


  • Ski Open Male
  • Ski Open Female
  • Ski 19 & Under Male
  • Ski 19 & Under Female
  • Ski Over 40 Male
  • Ski Over 40 Female
  • Ski Over 50 Male
  • Ski Over 50 Female
  • Ski Over 60 Male
  • SLSA Spec Ski’s Male
  • SLSA Spec Ski’s Female
  • Mixed Double 
  • Male Double
  • Female Double
  • SUP Open Male
  • SUP Open Female
  • OC1 Open Male
  • OC1 Open Female
  • Prone Paddleboard Open Male
  • Prone Paddleboard Open Female

Shaw and Partners Doctor 2018

Manly Wharf Bridge to Beach

Shaw and Partners 20 Beaches Ocean Classic