Australian Ocean Racing Series

Anytime Fitness Australian Ocean Racing Series

presented by Shaw and Partners

The Anytime Fitness Australian Ocean Racing Series (AORS) presented by Shaw and Partners is a national ocean racing series attracting competitors across a number of ocean racing disciplines including Ocean skis, Surf skis, Stand Up Paddleboards, Prone Paddleboards and Outrigger Canoes.

The series will travel around the country to Australia’s most popular beaches showcasing men and women competing in a variety of categories in the only ocean racing series of its kind.


AORS Events 2017-2018

 We are pleased to announce the following events for the 2017-2018 series.

# Date Event Location Star Rating
1  Sat 9th Sept 2017 Gold Coast Classic

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Gold Coast, QLD


2  Sat 16th Sept 2017 Charles Stewart Memorial Cup Sydney Northern Beaches, NSW 3
3 Sat 30th Sept 2017 Pacifica Downwind Coffs Harbour, NSW


4  Sun 8th Oct 2017 SA Ocean Paddling Series Port Noarlunga, SA 1
5 Sat 21st Oct 2017 Moon Island Classic 

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Newcastle, NSW   2
6 Sat 4th Nov 2017 LifeFlight Ocean Paddle  Sunshine Coast, QLD   2
7 Thur 23rd Nov 2017 Triple S Sunset Surfski Series  Perth, WA   2
8 Sat 25th Nov 2017 The Doctor   Perth, WA  4
9 Thur 30th Nov 2017 Triple S Sunset Surfski Series  Perth, WA   2
10  Sat 2nd Dec 2017 Fenn West Coast Downwind  Perth, WA 
11 Sat 9th Dec 2017 Palm to Pines  Sydney Northern Beaches, NSW   4
12 Sat 3rd Feb 2018 Villawood Properties Great Ocean Paddle  VIC  2
13 Sun 25th Feb 2018 Manly Wharf Bridge to Beach Sydney Harbour, NSW  3

Click on the event name to be directed to the event website for more information and to enter each event.


How the points work

The winner at each event will get the points allocated below based on the star rating. Each subsequent place getter will get 1 point less. In events with less than 100 competitors the gap between places will be 2 points.

We will use the results for each competitor’s 14 best stars from a possible 34. If at the conclusion of the series there is a draw the competitor with the best result at ‘The Doctor’ event will be used.

Competitors can do as many or as little of the events.

Those that do not do 14 stars worth of races will still be ranked on the points from the events they have completed.



  • 4 Star events – Starts at 1200 points
  • 3 Star events – Starts at 900 points
  • 2 Star events – Starts at 600 points
  • 1 Star events – Starts at 300 points


AORS categories

Competitor’s age category is based on the age as at the first AORS event (9th September 2017).

All competitors are automatically entered in the open category of their discipline. Eg a 45 year old SUP Paddler enters the SUP Over 40 he will also be entered in the SUP Open category.

Paddlers can also enter two categories. Eg a 48 year old Surf Ski Paddler is paddling a SLSA Spec Ski he can enter both the Ski Over 40 category and the SLSA Spec Ski category so will effectively be entered in three categories: Ski Over 40, SLSA Spec Ski and Ski Open. You must enter the event twice in the two categories you wish to gain points Eg Ski Over 40 and SLSA Spec Ski.

  • Ski Open Male
  • Ski Open Female
  • Ski Under 19 Male
  • Ski Under 19 Female
  • Ski Over 40 Male
  • Ski Over 40 Female
  • Ski Over 50 Male
  • Ski Over 50 Female
  • Ski Over 60 Male
  • SLSA Spec Ski’s Male
  • SLSA Spec Ski’s Female
  • Double – any paddle craft
  • Mixed Double – Any mixed team of a male and female competitor or at least one female, any double craft type
  • SUP Open Male
  • SUP Open Female
  • SUP Over 40 Male 
  • SUP Over 40 Female
  • SUP Over 50 Male
  • SUP 14ft Male
  • OC1 Open Male
  • OC1 Open Female
  • Prone Paddleboard Open Male
  • Prone Paddleboard Over 40 Male
  • Prone Paddleboard Open Female