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November 10, 2016
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November 25, 2016
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The Doctor Final Event Information

Friday 25th November  2016

*** Please ensure you bring to registration on Friday your lifejacket, safety leash and flare to be checked. A hi-vis event hat will be provided. Please ensure they meet the requirements. 

After a bunch of negative forecasts all week, weather sites are starting to turn and at this stage (things can still change) we have quite a positive forecast from all of them.

So we are all systems go for a ”normal Doctor”. 

We expect the starts to be around the same times as previous years but we are ready to wait for the wind for as long as we can. It will be hot tomorrow so prepare for that with enough fluids to last you over the course of your race.

For today please do not get to the barge till after 2.30pm as you will only be waiting for longer if you do. It is up to you to make sure your craft goes on.

When on Rottnest we ask that you please not leave any mess as the Island have been very accommodating to us and it is important that we leave it as we find it.

We strongly recommend you download the Road Id app and try and make sure the numbers you put into it are for someone on the beach as they will be able to let us know if there is an issue. It is free and very easy to use. The link is below to download. 


The Doctor is now in its 16th year.  We would like to thank all that have helped to make this the biggest ocean paddling race in the world. We are on track to see around 400 competitors on the line tomorrow, among them some of the best ocean athletes on the planet. We have enlisted the support of Northport Marine and feel very secure in the knowledge that they will be able to handle all safety aspects of the event.

When on the water it is important to obey the instructions of the safety personal and government vessels on the course. It is also important to look after each other, it’s only 27km from Rottnest to the mainland but when you are in trouble it feels like a thousand kilometres.

We are doing everything we can to make this event as smooth as possible for all involved so if you get the chance please be there for the loading and unloading of trailers and barges etc. as this make the whole event run a lot better.

Barge Loading – Transport of your craft to Rottnest Island

Craft will be loaded from 2.30pm onwards today Friday 25/11/16 at Pelagic Marine Services at 24 Rous Head Rd, North Fremantle (same location as last year). Please DO NOT turn up before 2.30pm as we will not be ready. We expect to be finished loading by 5.00pm to get back to the final event breifing at Sorrento Surf Club at 6.30pm. 

Please bring 2 straps or pieces of rope to secure your craft to the racks. Be aware that it might be difficult to get the strap or rope back so use older ones if possible. All rudders must be removed prior to loading. 

You must have pre-booked craft transport when entering online. Craft that are not booked and arrive at the loading on Friday will be charged an additional $20 and will have to wait until the last booked craft are loaded to ensure we have space and will not be guaranteed a spot.

Registration & Race Briefing at Sorrento Beach SLSC

Registrations at Sorrento SLSC will open from 12 midday today (Friday) with a final compulsory race briefing at 6.30pm. This will enable you to register, drop your craft off to the barge and get back to the briefing at 6.30pm.

Please bring to registration your mandatory equipment (lifejacket, safety leash and flare) to be checked and tagged. A HI-VIS event hat sponsored by Best Practice Certification will be provided at registration to all competitors and we ask that you wear this in the race. Your equipment will be scrutineered (checked and tagged) and will be checked again over on Rottnest Island when you do race check in. Please see below further information regarding safety equipment.

From 6pm Sorrento SLSC will be serving a PASTA BUFFET ($12 for adults and $7 for kids) and will have drinks available.

Ferry to Rottnest – Saturday morning

Rottnest Fast Ferries departs Hillarys Marina at 7.30am & 8.00am. The 8.00am ferry is an additional service for our event which can only be booked over the phone. The 7.30am ferry can be booked online or over the phone. Do NOT book the 10am ferry as you may be at risk of missing the race as the race could start anytime. You must also be there early to get your own craft off the barge.

Book online here events/the-doctor/ferry-info/  or by calling 08 9246 1039 and mention you are a competitor in The Doctor to get the special rate.

Take as little as possible over to Rottnest because we have no way of getting your bags back to the mainland. Don’t forget rudders, paddle, timing chip, race hat, lifejacket, leashes, flare and sponsor stickers to be put on your craft.

When you arrive on Rottnest we will need assistance to unload the barge that will be at the main jetty when you arrive.

Once all craft is unloaded and rudders are put on the craft please make your way over to Army Jetty. Army Jetty is located one kilometre South of the main Ferry Jetty at Thompson Bay.

Safety Equipment & Rules

Scrutineering of equipment will take place both at registration on Friday and on Rottnest Island on Saturday during check in. You must bring to registration on Friday your lifejacket, safety leash and flare. A HI-VIS event hat as shown will be provided.  These will be tagged on Friday and then checked again on Saturday on Rottnest. Marine Safety officials will also be present on Rottnest and will be doing checks. Any competitor that does not have the correct safety equipment will be disqualified and unable to race.

Equipment list:

  • Lifejacket – All surf skis, outrigger, plastic and sea kayak paddlers must wear a Lifejacket Level 50 (formally known as type 2). A Lifejacket Level 50S (formally known as Type 3) will only be permitted with a Hi-Vis shirt over the top. No black or dull colour lifejackets will be permitted. SUP and Prone Paddleboard paddlers only are permitted to wear Lifejacket Level 100 (formally known as Type 1) bum bag inflatable lifejackets.
  • Safety Leash – All paddlers must be attached to their craft via a safety leash.
  • Flare – All paddlers must have at least one current or unexpired flare attached to their craft/person.
  • HI-VIS Item – A HI-VIS event hat as shown in the image will be provided to be worn in the race. All paddlers must wear a piece of HI-VIS clothing – this can be a HI-VIS lifejacket, hat or clothing that is visible.
  • Mobile Phone – It is strongly recommended to carry a mobile phone with event contacts (Dean 0427 171 403 / Yanda 0414 454 648)

Event Rules – in addition to above

  • All paddlers must attend check in on Rottnest with the race officials and attend the pre-event briefing held immediately prior to race start.All paddlers must assist other competitors in difficulty during the race.
  • Any competitors with private escort boats must be operated by registered certified skippers. We are required by waterway authorities to notify them of all private escort boats. Please email or phone us with the boat name and type, and name and phone number of the skipper.

ROAD ID Safety App

We strongly recommend the use of ROAD ID APP in The Doctor. Your friends and family will be able to track you during the race and if they are ever concerned make contact with an event safety official.

This app is super easy to use and has a feature called eCrumb which tracks your workout in real time allowing your friends and family to know exactly where you are. In addition there is a stationary alert function which will SMS or email your notify contacts if you remain stationary for more than 5 minutes.

Tip – Make sure your ‘notify contacts’ have +61 in front of the mobile number so the SMS messages can be received.

DOWNLOAD THE FREE ROAD ID APP.  Available on both Apple Store and Google Play.

Check in on Rottnest Island

As per last year we will be doing race check in on Rottnest Island. This will be done at Army Jetty located about 1km south of the main ferry jetty at Thompson Bay.

This means that all competitors need to be formally checked into the race and timing system by officials. This is an important safety requirement so we know exactly who is out on the course.

Check in will take place in start wave order as listed below.

Briefing on Rottnest & Start Waves

Briefing will take place at the Army Jetty. There will be three start waves. The start times will be advised at the briefing.

  • Wave 1: SUPs, Paddleboards, Plastic and Sea Kayaks
  • Wave 2: OC1s and ladies skis
  • Wave 3: All other categories

****** If you are meant to start in Wave 3 but think you will be one of the slower paddlers then you can request to be put in Wave 2. This will not affect your overall results. Please let us know at registration.

The Course

The course at this stage, will be the traditional course starting at the Army Jetty turning left around the marker at Phillip Rock then keeping to the south of the Centaur Marker directly west of Trigg and making your way to Sorrento Beach. At this point there will be no additional buoys on the course.

The ASN Hot Spot will be for the first male and female ski paddler to the marker at Phillip Rock. 

Private Escort Boats

Any competitors with private escort boats must be operated by registered certified skippers. We are required by waterway authorities to notify them of all private escort boats. Please email or phone us with the name and phone number of the skipper and name and type of vessel.  Email

Presentations at Sorrento Beach SLSC

Presentations will be at approx. 6.30pm on Saturday evening. There will be food and drink available at the surf club.

Event Contacts

  • Dean Gardiner 0427 171 403
  • Yanda Morison 0414 454 648

Event Updates
Please check the website for updates and the Program Page. events/the-doctor/program-of- events/

Good luck to all competitors. 

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