Dawid Mocke Wins Island Shamaal Mauritius

Island Shamaal Mauritius Ocean Classic 2011
July 1, 2011
2011 Avon Descent, WA – Half Price Entry for NSW paddlers
July 10, 2011
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Photo: Courtesy of www.Surfski.info. Credits: Jean-Jacques Fabien www.jjfabien-photos.com

South African Dawid Mocke has taken out this years Island Shamaal Mauritius race with Aussie paddler Bruce Taylor not far behind in second place. This was a tremendous race for Bruce in the heavily contest international field. It was a great result for the Australians with 5 in the top 10 of the men’s race and Ruth Highman from WA taking out the ladies. Jeremy Cotter finished in 5th position having taken a slighly different line from the beginning to the rest of the field. Dean Gardiner followed in 6th,  Mark Anderson in 7th and Will Bird in 9th position.

Full race report can be read on www.surfski.info.

Top 10 Result:

Postion Name Country Time Diff
1 Mocke, Dawid SA 01:22:24
2 Taylor, Bruce Aus 01:24:33 00:02:09
3 Schilperoodt, Tom SA 01:24:55 00:02:31
4 Pretorius, Clint SA 01:25:03 00:02:39
5 Cotter, Jeremy Aus 01:26:37 00:04:13
6 Gardner, Dean Aus 01:28:00 00:05:36
7 Anderson, Mark Aus 01:28:16 00:05:52
8 Lewin, Barry SA 01:29:51 00:07:27
9 Bird, Will Aus 01:30:32 00:08:08
10 Notten, Dominic SA 01:32:09 00:09:45