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September 24, 2016
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October 14, 2016
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‘The Chucky’ Race Report

Photos by Mark Donaldson

Mark Donaldson Photography MDP Copyright

Race two of the ANYTIME FITNESS AORS presented by SHAW and PARTNERS was greeted by perfect Spring conditions.

A huge field turned out to contest the 16 and 8km courses. Starting in the calm of Fishermans Beach competitors made their way around to Dee Why and back, twice for the long course and once for SUP and short course paddlers.

Dave Kissane who took out the over 40s SUP and was second overall SUP was ecstatic with his win. “ What an awesome course, I love racing around Long Reef as it throws up so many different conditions. One minute you are grinding into the swell and next minute you are hooking into a wave off Makaha” said Kissane.

Photo: Dave Kissane

James Casey held off Kissane for the overall SUP title picking up the money from Wind Surf n Snow. Sam Parker rounded out the top three in the SUPs.

Tammy Montgomery led the ladies around the SUP course making easy work of the testing conditions.

Our very own Yanda Morison was victorious in the ladies ski beating her much, much, much younger rivals. Morison has had a dramatic return to paddling form after some time off.

Bondi’s Elizabeth Wise was second in the ladies followed by another of the great women from Oceanpaddler, Rachael Dodwell. Claire Hosegood took out the Over 40 Ladies.

A very solid return to form saw Gold Coast’s Jeremy Cotter beat the current World Champ, Cory Hill in the men’s ski. Following close behind was veteran Bronte Paddler Tom Woodriff who also took out the over 40s. Ironman champ Kendrick Louis and top sprint ski paddler Mitch Trim made up the top five.

Photo: Tom Woodriff Jeremy Cotter Cory Hill

Looking through the over forties list some of the top paddlers from yesteryear featured strongly in the top end of the field including Jim Walker and Nick Holt who were second and third respectively.

Mike Mills-Thom continued his good form in the 50s with a solid win over John Bush and Greg Kendrick.

The 60s saw Grant Hughes with a narrow win over ‘Mr Epic’ Tony King and ‘The Gongs’ Gary Hancock.

Oscar Long continued his good form in the youngsters picking up his second victory in the series over Noah Havard and Ben Walker.

Mario Vesely from ‘Super Mario’ was pushed around the course by his 14 year old daughter to take out the mixed doubles in a tight racing with Team Anchor Building.

The Male Double was won by Team Queensie from Team John and Andrew.

Veteran Ironman Guy Leech took out the Short Course but was denied line honours by the duo of Ali Currie and John ‘The iceman’ LaGrassa.

Cotter was stoked to take out the inaugural Chucky event and just as stoked to get one up over Cory Hill. ” To win this race in its first year is something I am really happy about”. “I know Charles Stewart meant a great deal to the paddling community around the Northern Beaches so to win the race named after him is a real honour” said Cotter.

“To get one up over Cory is also a huge one for me as I have been out of the paddling loop for a little while”. “There is no doubt Cory is the best paddler in the World at present so I am pretty happy with that” said Cotter.

Cotter summed it up nicely, the day was about the local paddling communities great mate, Charles Stewart. There was a huge turnout prior to the race to pay their respects to ‘Chucky’ and a scattering of his ashes led by Charles son Matt.

Race 3 of the Anytime Fitness AORS presented by Shaw and Partners takes place in Adelaide at the end of October. Western Australia will host the next four events after that with the worlds biggest open ocean event ‘The Doctor’ highlighting the week in WA.

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