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July 29, 2018
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January 2, 2021
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Fennix Spark S


Advanced Low Volume Ski

The Fennix Spark S is the upgraded model of the first-ever competitive low volume ski the Fenn Spark. The Fennix Spark S is truly unique in its design and performance. The most noticeable change when you sit in the Fennix Spark S is extra width in the seat and the reduction of the hump under your legs.

The Fennix Spark S is best suited to the smaller paddler up to 80kg to maximise the best performance on the water. The Fennix Spark S is extremely comfortable and stable for an elite ski, is fast, maneuverable, responsive and surfs with ease.

The Fennix Spark S suits paddlers less than 80kg and 6’ft in height.

So what’s different to the previous model?  

  • Internal seat width is wider through the whole depth of the seat
  • The rudder is 6cm more forward allowing for greater control when surfing
  • The seat is a little deeper which adds stability
  • The hump under your legs has been redesigned and is noticeably lower and does not interfere with your leg drive
  • The cockpit length is longer
  • Shape of the bow deck (nose) is tapered down inline with all Fennix models

More photos coming soon.


Length:  6.44m

Width:   42cm

Seat Width:   37.5

Construction Options and Pricing

Construction  Weight  Price
 Glass Vac +-14.5kg   $3,350
 Hybrid +-11.5kg   $3,950
 Carbon +-10.0kg   $4,800

*Weights are approximate and may vary slightly.

Construction Information

Glass Vac

  • Vacuum bagged fibreglass, vinyl ester resin.​
  • Fenn now vacuum bag all layups which gives a consistent weight and even spread of resin throughout the ski. 


  • Vacuum bagged fibreglass/carbon, epoxy resin.
  • The Hybrid layup uses a special layer of carbon and fibreglass interwoven fabric along with another layer of fiberglass. This layup creates strength while reducing weight enabling a more affordable product. There is very little difference between full carbon and hybrid layups in ​weight making this layup a first class racing product.


  • Vacuum bagged carbon, epoxy resin.
  • This layup is the premium layup for these types of craft. Carbon and epoxy are used and vacuum bagged to create the lightest and stiffest craft possible.