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June 14, 2016
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June 14, 2016
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Intermediate to High Performance Wave Ski

Wavemasters Strata range is designed for high performance surf work.

The ski feature Wavemaster’s step nose a proven contest winner.

The Strata is designed for high performance surfing. However a confident intermediate rider would be capable of riding the strata due to its stability features.

Key Features

  • Wavemaster’s adjustable block which lets the rider position perfectly e.g. legs, seating.
  • Late nose lift – ease of paddling through white water, excellent in cutback turns and l ate take off situations.
  • Strata’s rail line- is very fine increasing maneuverability in tight turns and making trimming on a wave a lot more controlled. A tight edge running through the tail to give maximum hold in tight sections and on tubing type waves.
  • Strata deck profile is rolled and contoured for strength and blended with a clean type plan shape.

Standard Features

The Strata comes standard with deluxe type fittings which include:

  • adjustable block with deluxe adjustable footstraps.
  • deluxe pro belt
  • tri-fins
  • seat pad


Wavemaster’s Strata is constructed from the very latest in fiberglass technology using a combination high grade materials including carbon fibre, fibreglass cloth, matts & vinyl ester resins. Wavemaster’s Strata is hand-laminated to ensure max strength to weight ratios for lightness and strength. Wavemaster’s 2 phase foaming technique is used to fill the ski with a high density foam to form a solid unit.

 Length:  2.5m
 Width:  54.8cm
 Weight:  11-13kg
 Max Paddler Weight:  110kg
 Price:  $995