June 14, 2016
June 14, 2016
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Stabilizer Comp

Beginner to Intermediate Wave Ski

Wavemasters Stabilizer Comp range is a great all rounder or family fun ski. Designed for the beginner through to the enthusiast.

The Stabilizer Comp is a very user friendly ski, which combines comfort with stability to give an ideal family fun ski, with all of the performance features to make it very maneuverable in surf conditions.

There are 3 models available in this model range to suit weight and height upwards to 125kg approximate.

Standard Features

The Stabilizer comp comes standard with Wavemasters adjustable block system designed to give perfect seating positioning with simple adjustment, essential for stability and comfort.

  • adjustable block with standard footstrap
  • seat belt
  • tri-fins
  • paddle
  • seat belt
  • seat pad


The ski is a hand laminated skin using a combination of high grade cloth and mats with polyester resin and gelcoat in a wide range of colours. Wavemasters laminating process provides a special blend of stiffness, durability and toughness. The outer shell is then foam filled using two stage high density foam to form a rigid solid unit.

Specifications & Pricing

The Stabilizer Comp is available in three size options:

 Length:  2.2m
 Width:  67.3cm
 Weight:  10-12kg
 Max Paddler Weight:  80kg
 Price:  $995


 Length:  2.4m
 Width:  68.5cm
 Weight:  11-12kg
Max Paddler Weight:  95kg
 Price:  $995


 Length:  2.6m
 Width:  69.8cm
 Weight:  13-15kg
 Max Paddler Weight:  115kg
 Price:  $995