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February 8, 2019
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June 14, 2016
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SonicX Surf Ski

SonicX Surf Ski

Junior Ski

The SonicX is a fantastic kids/smaller person ski, designed low in volume and stable. The SonicX will really cater to the paddler that is smaller in height, wants something lightweight and something that doesn’t have the length of other skis making it very easy to handle especially on and off the car. This will also be a great ski for hire fleets and is suitable in both ocean and flatwater conditions. The skis come in a variety of colours and different layups from super light through to more durable fibreglass construction. 


  • Self-adjustable footrest system
  • Carbon kickplate
  • Grab handle
  • Self bailers
  • Footstrap
  • Carbon understern rudder
  • Side carry handle


 Length:  4.57m
 Width:  48.5cm
 Depth:  27cm


Construction Options and Pricing

Construction  Weight  Price
 Glass Polyvac   12.5kg   $1,550
 Glass Epoxy Vacuum   11.0kg   $1,750

*Weights are approximate and may vary slightly.