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Beginner to Intermediate Wave Ski

Wavemasters Roto fun ski features a similar shape to that off the Stabilizer Comp model. An ideal family ski designed for fun with the durability to take the punishment of every day ware and tare e.g. pulling up and down off your yacht, or just in and out at the beach.

The Roto is a popular choice for hire outlets. This model is designed for the beginner through to intermediate level. The Roto is a very user friendly ski offering the comfort and stability required for recreational use. There are two sizes in the Roto range 2.3 meter and 2.5 meter and will carry up to 110 kg (242 lbs).

The 2.3 model is available in a hollow model without a foam core, making this ski lighter and easier to handle. The hollow ski is recommended for still water paddling or light surf work only. The solid core models will work better in surf conditions due to the flexing of the outer shell in the hollow model.

Standard Features

The Roto comes standard with Wavemasters adjustable block system designed to give perfect seating positing with simple adjustment, essential for stability and comfort. Standard features included:

  • adjustable block with standard footstrap
  • seat belt
  • tri-fins
  • paddle
  • seat pad


Roto moulded outer skin is made from high grade polyethylene, filled with duel density foams to form a rigid and very durable unit. The hollow model has a thicker skin for rigidity to compensate for the absence of foam filling.

Specifications & Pricing

The Roto is available in three size options:

 Length:  2.3m hollow
 Width:  68.5cm
 Weight:  10kg
 Recommended Paddler Weight:  85kg
 Price:  $995


 Length:  2.3m
 Width:  68.5cm
 Weight:  12kg
 Recommended Paddler Weight:  95kg
 Price:  $995


 Length:  2.5m
 Width:  68.5cm
 Weight:  14kg
 Recommended Paddler Weight:  110kg
 Price:  $995