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June 14, 2016
June 14, 2016
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Gizmo Fisher

The ultimate fishing kayak for one. The Fisher is equipped with two rod holders, a tackle box (fitted over the viewport cavity), a drink bottle holder and drink bottle, ananchor, decklines, a hard Fisher backrest, and a paddleash.

Features include:

  • Clear “Viewfinder window” located in the centre of the craft directly infront of the paddler allows the visual exploration of underwater environments.
  • Designed with a Swedeform hull plan for a narrower paddle entry and a more efficient paddle action.
  • Multiple footwells allows paddlers of various heights to comfortably use this craft.
  • High back support for a comfortable sitting position and lower back support.
    The storage area has a removable plastic tub for holding small items (keys, money and sunscreen) though still allowing access into the craft for larger items (lunch, towel, etc.).
  • Leg straps have been fitted, there is a key locker and a security front handle for added peace of mind when securing the boat on a roof, or during a break.
  • The rounded bow with extra thickness avoids collision damage.
  • A low volume bow for punching out through waves or lean forward to duck-dive through bigger waves.
  • The flat hull and twin keels allows great manoeuvrability on waves but still excellent speed and tracking for distance paddling.
  • Department of Transport Hire List approved.


Specifications & Pricing

Length:  2.6m
Width:  72cm
Weight:  17kg
Price including paddle:   $940