Fenn Flying Fish Double
June 18, 2019
Fenn Elite S Double
June 14, 2016
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Fenn Elite Double


Advanced Double Ski

The work horse of the Fenn Double Range. The Elite Double is the fastest double available and offers superior downwind surfing ability.

Very dry in big downwind conditions especially in the back seat and extremely comfortable and stable in rough conditions.


Length:  7.5m

Width:   46.5cm

Construction Options and Pricing

Construction  Weight  Price
 Poly Vac (fibreglass)   27.5kg   $3,800
 Carbon 18.0kg   $5,200

*Weights are approximate and may vary up to 500gm.

Construction Information

Poly Vac

  • Vacuum bagged fibreglass, poly ester resin.
  • Fenn have moved away from the traditional hand laid fibre​glass construction. Fenn now vacuum bag all layups which gives a consistent weight and even spread of resin throughout the ski. Another benefit of the Poly Vac construction is the boats a slightly stiffer and generally lighter than the hand laid option.


  • Vacuum bagged carbon, epoxy resin.
  • This layup is the premium layup for these types of craft. Carbon and epoxy are used and vacuum bagged to create the lightest and stiffest craft possible.