June 14, 2016
Dolphinn Double
June 14, 2016
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Officially launched on July 13, 2002 to be ready for the 2002 Avon Descent, the Finn Endorfinn plastic ski has become a new force in Racing Skis. 5.2 m in length, the Endorfinn has the size to ensure that it is a fast boat, yet retains Finn design characteristics that guarantee strength to cope with the punishment of the rapids, or surf beaches, and the manoevrability and stability that makes the Endorfinn a pleasure to paddle.

Features include:

  • 5.2 m length makes for a very fast craft while keeping the craft within legal limits when transporting on most vehicles
  • 54 cm wide (wider than a standard racing ski) giving more displacement for the bigger paddler and more stability, making the paddling experience more comfortable and enjoyable and allowing better performance in wild or extreme conditions
  • Wide footwells gives you more stability and control of your craft – also fully adjustable for an efficient paddling style every paddler must be in the correct seating position to deliver maximum powerpaddling_027.jpg
  • High, curved deck adding longitudinal rigidity as well as a great watershed. Bow deck watersheds the bigger waves that may break over the bow allowing the boat to lift up through the foam. Extends right back to the footwell to deflect water away from the paddler to stop the stall effect by getting hit by a wall of water
  • Low back deck to bury in large foam pile thereby lifting the bow and giving you a controlled ride to the beach
  • Built in Wave Deflector to keep you dry paddling out through the break and chop by keeping the bow up riding on waves and retaining the rudder in the water for continual control and steering
  • Raked Bow rides up the beach, rocks, logs and weed, while offering greater safety in the unfortunate possibility of a collision with a swimmer and a more efficient surface piercing angle than a plumb bow
  • Full Bow and Stern for maximum waterline displacement by initiating an immediate bow wave and carrying the laminar flow the full length to the stern (thereby maximising the ‘real’ waterline length) – enabling a faster cruising speed and better load carrying for the bigger paddlerendo_in_oman3.jpg
  • XL Hatches allow easier access & ability to stow larger items in hull
  • Recessed hatches reduce the possibility of injury on hatch edges, while drains remove water from recess
  • High gunwhale dips at paddle entry for a more efficient paddling style
  • Tall Stern, providing a both a more efficient rudder mount for less water spoiling in choppy water or with the larger paddler and better lift and drive by adding reserve bouyancy when catching runs or skates
  • Central rudder cables for faster beach starts

Specifications & Pricing

 Length:  5.2m
 Width:  54cm
 Weight:  22kg
 Price:   $1,400