Gizmo Fisher
June 14, 2016
June 14, 2016
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A super stable sit on top kayak ideal for rivers, flat water and the surf with the option wave deflector add on.

Features include:

  • Deep seat-well with high back for comfort and back support. Inspection ports and rear deck lines allowing easy stowage for loads of gear. Bow and stern toggles for portability and safety. Adjustable footrests to fit nearly any size of paddler for an efficient paddling position. Large footwells providing room for protective footwear. Drainage bung in the bow. Annodised aluminium keel rib to increase strength. Internal floatation provided by closed cell foam in the bow and stern.
  • Taking the great performance of the ‘AFINNITY Sit-On’ even further; we provide a range of optional equipment. Thighstraps allow a more ‘secure’ ride and enable the boat to be eskimo rolled while still giving the paddler the chance to exit the boat immediately if need be. Stops you from getting washed off in big surf. Rudder kits increase manoeuverability making technical river sections a breeze. Wave deflectors offer greater bow lift for surfing and negotiating heavy chop. They also assist with control by not allowing the rudder to lift above the surface.
  • XL Hatches allow easier access & ability to stow larger items inside hull
  • Hire and Drive Vessel Type Approval – Approval Number: S200

Specifications & Pricing

 Length:  4.25m
 Width:  65cm
 Weight:  18.5kg
 Price including paddle:  $1,300