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TEGS™ Paddle Grip Tape

$ 36.00

TEGS™ (Technologically Enhanced Grip System) is the most versatile gripping material ever invented. TEGSPaddle Grip with 3m tape is designed to cover the paddling shaft at the point of contact with your hand to provide a non-slip serface whilst also reducing the grip force needed by the paddler.

The TEGSPaddle Grip Kits includes 2 x  90cm length by 2.54cm wide (1 inch)  tape for a paddle shaft, plus 2  x surface wipes and instructions. This is sufficient to cover both sides of the paddle shaft where your hands are located on the shaft.


Grip or deck tape is abrasive, much like sandpaper. The abrasive grip and paper backing limit the comfort and durability of these products, making them less than ideal as grip enhancements. TEGS™ patented micro-replication technology is based on thousands of non-abrasive gripping fingers that create a comfortable, non-abrasive surface. Best of all, TEGS™ will hold under wet, dry or oily conditions.

TEGS™ utilizes thousands of gripping fingers to deliver an incredibly powerful grip.  When joined together, a TEGS-on-TEGS™ grip locks on contact and maintains up to a 270% increase in grip.  Even when used as a single layer, TEGS significantly reduces the grip force needed, improving grip by up to 80%.

This system provides superior grip in wet, dry or oily conditions for unparalleled control. Because TEGS™ protects against slippage but is non-adhering, users who must be keep a firm grip on their equipment or tools – while still being able to release the tool rapidly – will find that TEGS™ provides unmatched performance.

Performance features include

  • Increases friction to reduce slippage — even in wet or oily conditions
  • Both soft and flexible allow it to conform to curves and contours
  • Thermo plastic grip is non –adhering and releases immediately
  • Low profile – does not add to the base grip circumference
  • Sticks to most materials as easily as tape
  • Abrasion and puncture-resistant
  • Rugged and chemicals resistant
  • Performs well from -40 to 71 C
  • Fully washable

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