Safe TRX Tracking – The Doctor

Safe TRX Tracking – The Doctor

Safe Trx Tracking

With safety for our competitors our number one concern, this year we will again be implementing the Coast Guard SafeTrx App for The Doctor for all competitors to use.

You can watch the SafeTrx 2019 Doctor replay here

You can watch the SafeTrx 2018 Doctor replay here.

There has been considerable improvements to the SafeTrx sytem and increased server capacity since last year. The improvements to the systems are further outlined below. 

The use of SafeTrx by our competitors is an integral part of our safety plan. It is mandatory that all competitors carry a mobile phone or a VHF radio in the race (as outlined in the Rules and Equipment). If using a mobile phone you must use a tracking app. 

SafeTrx is a Smartphone App for both Android & Apple iOS devices that allows you to have your journey recorded and monitored if needed by the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard. Competitors will carry their personal mobile phone in a waterproof pouch during the race using the SafeTrx app Flotilla event function.

SafeTrx will allow the event organiser and spectators to track competitors live GPS location during the event via the web. SafeTrx has recently been used for paddling events in South Africa, Ireland, the UK and Holland with great success.  To see it in action have a look at the tracking for the Freedom Paddle in Cape Town earlier this year at and The Chucky event in Sydney here

Start using SafeTrx Now in Training!

Download the SafeTrx app, register an account and become familiar with how the app works during training. For paddling, we recommend using the TRACK ONLY mode and sharing it with a friend or family member before you head out for a paddle. “Track Only” trips still record your trip on the handset (and to your trip history on the boaters website) and allows you to review and replay it later. Unlike “sail plan” trips, no ETA is provided and Coast Guard do not monitor your trip.


Download Links


Instructions & Downloads for The Doctor

Step by step instructions for the 2021 event will be available soon.

Tracking Link on Race Day

A tracking link will be provided closer to the event.

More Information

Available on the SafeTrx website here

Available through your online account here

Advantages of using SafeTrx

  • Using SafeTrx may save your life!
  • Safety officials can track your position in real time during the race knowing where you are at all times.
  • If you get into trouble you can activate the Call for Help button which enables you to call 000 or Aust Coast Guard – your exact GPS location will be available to them so the safety vessels can come to your aid
  • Competitors can watch a replay of the event and see step by step how they raced against other paddlers and compare the lines they took against the winners
  • Spectators can watch The Doctor in real time via this website – let your friends and family know so they can watch you race.
  • Share your trip with your friends or family who will be at the finish line so they can see when you are due to finish the race

If you have any questions please contact Oceanpaddler 


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