Event Information – Forster Race Week

Event Information – Forster Race Week

Event Information

The Courses

Click here for race courses.

Event Categories

Both races will use the AORS Categories and AORS points will be awarded.

Male and Female:

Competitors’ age category is based on your age as of the 31st December 2024. (That is you will race in the age bracket that you are turning in the 2024 calendar year)

Category note: For prizes and awards there must be at least 5 entries in the category. Where there are less than 5 entries then those competitors will be moved to the next most relevant category.

Entry Fees

2024 entry fees will be updated soon.


Up to 31st March 2023

Event Single Entry  Single Entry Junior & U23yrs Double Entry
Race 1:  Shaw and Partners Nine Mile $50 $40 $75
Race 2: Shaw and Partners Ocean Classic $100 $70 $125
Both Races $150 $110 $200


1st to 16th April 2023 inclusive.

Event Single Entry Single Entry Juniors & U23yrs Double Entry
Race 1:  Shaw and Partners Nine Mile $75 $60 $100
Race 2: Shaw and Partners Foster Ocean Classic $125 $90 $150
Both Races  $200 $150 $250


17th to 21st April 2023. Entries close at midday on Friday 23rd April.

Event Single Entry Single Entry Juniors & U23yrs Double Entry
Race 1:  Shaw and Partners Nine Mile $100 $80 $125
Race 2: Shaw and Partners Foster Ocean Classic $150 $100 $175
Both Races  $250 $190 $300

Entry Refunds & Cancellations

Entry cancellations can be made up to two weeks before the event date when a refund (less 20% administration fee) will be made. Refunds will not be given after this date. Please send requests for refunds in writing to contact@oceanpaddler.com. If the event has to be cancelled due to weather conditions or natural disasters or any other reason so deemed by the organisers, the event will be rescheduled where possible and no refunds will be issued.

Equipment Requirements

Please ensure you are familiar with the equipment requirements as outlined below. 

  • Lifejacket
    • All Lifejackets must be an approved Australian Standard AS 4758 or International Standard ISO 12402 Lifejacket.
    • All surf ski, outrigger, plastic and sea kayak paddlers must wear an approved minimum Level 50 / Level 50S Lifejacket. Your lifejacket must be Hi-Vis or a Hi-Vis top is to be worn over the top of the lifejacket.  No bum bag inflatable lifejackets are permitted.
    • Prone paddleboard paddlers only are permitted to wear an approved Lifejacket Level 100/150 bum bag inflatable lifejacket. A Hi-Vis top must be worn.
  • Safety Leash – All competitors must be attached to their craft via a safety leash. 
  • Flare – All competitors must have at least one current or unexpired orange smoke flare attached to their craft/person. The flare should be easily accessible when on the water. Ensure you are familiar with how to use a flare. These can be purchased from marine supply stores. If carrying a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) then the flare is not required.
  • Mobile Phone (using SafeTrx App) or VHF Radio or PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) – All competitors are required to take one of these with them during the race. If using a mobile phone the SafeTrx Event tracking app is required and the event channel will be given to those using VHF Marine Radios. Click here for race day instructions for SafeTrx Tracking App. PLB is highly recommended for all ocean paddling events and can be purchased here.
  • Whistle – All competitors are required to have a pealess whistle attached to their Lifejacket.
  • Timing Chip – All competitors must wear the electronic timing chip on their ankle (right or left ankle). This will be provided at registration.

********Scrutineering of compulsory equipment may take place at registration on race morning. Please ensure you have the correct equipment

SafeTrx Tracking

SafeTrx Tracking will be used for the events. Please ensure you download and are familar with how to use the app. 


All competitors must abide by the following race rules:

  • Wear / carry the mandatory equipment as outlined above 
  • Register for the event on the morning of the race and collect the timing chip
  • Attend the pre-race briefing prior to the start
  • Stop and help any other competitor/s in difficulty whilst on the course
  • Follow the event course at all times
  • Follow the direction of water safety officials at all times 
  • If a competitor withdraws mid-event they must notify the event officials
  • either in person or by phone to be formally withdrawn from the event. Official contact numbers will be available at registration