Last updated: 30th September 2019

Have you downloaded the SafeTrx App?

The event tracking App for The Doctor.

Please ensure you have downloaded SafeTrx and using this App in training so you are familar with the program. We are asking that all competitors use SafeTrx at the Doctor event this year. Start familarising yourself with the App ready to use on race day. 

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The program of events will be updated regularly. All times and events are subject to change.

The Doctor is scheduled to race on Saturday 23rd November 2019 starting at Rottnest Island and finishing at Sorrento Beach. This can be reversed if strong off-shore conditions prevail. In the advent of dangerous conditions on Saturday the event may be moved to Sunday 24th November or an alternative course put in place. If wind strength is forecast to exceed our maximum operational strength for the course we will move the event to a coastal race.

Shaw and Partners WA Race Week Program

Below is the proposed program for the Shaw and Partners WA Race Week and The Doctor. Further updates will be added to the program.

*****Please ensure you read the detailed notes below the table for important information regarding each activity.


Time Activity Location

Saturday 16th November 2019

2pm Race Start Fenn West Coast Downwind  – hosted by Indian Ocean Paddlers

24km downwind race from Port Beach, Fremantle to Sorrento Beach. 

Port Beach – Sorrento Beach

Monday 18th November 2019

6pm The Legends of the Ocean Charity Dinner

An open panel discussion with some of the best athletes and ocean paddlers in the world.

Only 100 tickets – Selling Fast!

North Cottesloe SLSC

Tuesday 19th November 2019

5pm Race Start Dr Ben Hewitt Sunset Surfski Series Race 1hosted by City Beach SLSC

11km downwind race from Port Beach, Fremantle to City Beach.

Port Beach – City Beach

Thursday 21st November 2019

5pm Race Start Dr Ben Hewitt Sunset Surfski Series Race 2hosted by City Beach SLSC

11km downwind race from Port Beach, Fremantle to City Beach.

Port Beach – City Beach

Friday 22nd November 2019

9am Shaw and Partners Dash for Cash – Surf Ski Sprint Race

$15,000 cash up for grabs in the richest surf ski sprint race in the world.

Sorrento Beach
11.00 – 6.30pm Compulsory Registration for The Shaw and Partners Doctor Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club
Approx 2.30 – 5.00pm Barge Loading for The Doctor

Click here for more information. 

North Fremantle
5.00 – 6.00pm Chat with the Champions 

Q& A session with some of the world’s top paddlers. Hosted by Guy Leech

Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club
From 5.30pm Dinner available at Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club. Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club
6.oopm Presentations for the Shaw and Partners Dash for Cash  Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club
6.30pm Compulsory Event Briefing for The Shaw and Partners Doctor Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club

Saturday 23rd November – The Doctor Race Day

7.30 and 8.00am Competitors travel to Rottnest Island on the ferry. Ferry departs Hillary Marina for Rottnest Island with Rottnest Fast Ferries Hillarys Marina, Sorrento
8.30-9.00am Ferry arrives on Rottnest Island. Competitors assist with moving craft from the barge to the beach. Main Jetty, Rottnest Island
Approx 9.30am onwards Competitors prepare craft for race – attach rudders and sponsor and race stickers to craft. Rottnest Island
As advised by Race Director Race Check-In & Equipment Check Army Jetty, Rottnest Island.
As advised by Race Director Compulsory Event Briefing Army Jetty, Rottnest Island.
As advised by Race Director Event Start – 3 waves

** Please note this may change. Final details will be provided by race director at the briefing.

  • Wave 1: SUPs and Prone Paddleboards
  • Wave 2: OC1s, Plastics and all ladies single surf skis
  • Wave 3: All other categories
Army Jetty, Rottnest Island
Afternoon – time dependent on race start time Finish Sorrento Beach Surf Life Saving Club
6.00pm onwards Presentations

Food and drinks available at Sorrento Surf Club.

Sorrento Beach Surf Life Saving Club

The Doctor Program – Detailed Information

Friday 22nd November 2019

Shaw and Partners Dash for Cash

9am at Sorrento Beach.

$15,000 is up for grab at the Shaw and Partners Dash for Cash event. A series of sprint surf ski races held on Friday morning at Sorrento Beach. More info can be found at


Loading of Barge for your craft to go to Rottnest Island

From 2.30pm to apporox 5pm at Fremantle

Barge loading will operate the same way as last year. We have been directed by Fremantle Ports to operate this way as it is the most efficient and safe way to conduct the loading of craft onto the barge. There is a staging area and you will be directed to the barge loading area by our staff. 

Click here for full details.

Barge Requirements

  • For skis and OC1s all rudders must be removed prior to loading
  • For SUP’s all fins must be removed
  • Bring old straps to tie your craft on (you may not get these back)
  • Bring some light padding to the barge such as old bits of foam etc

It is a big job getting all the craft on the barge so please be patient when we do this.

NOTE: If you take your craft in a cover you must arrange for the cover to be taken back to the mainland yourself. We will not be taking anything back to the mainland for you.

You must have booked and paid for craft transport during the online entry process. An additional late fee will be charged for anyone who does not pre-book and just turns up on the day to load their craft (pending spots available).

For those that have hired skis from Oceanpaddler, we will advise how your ski will be loaded on the barge when you pick up your hire ski. Please ensure you have booked craft transport as this is not included in your hire fee.

The Doctor Registration & Briefing at Sorrento Beach SLSC 

11am onwards with a final race briefing at approx 6.30pm.

Food will be available at the surf club.

  • All competitors are required to attend the registration and briefing.
  • Please download, print and sign the ‘Mandatory Equipment Sign Off Form‘. Download here
  • Registration will open from 11am to 6.30pm.
  • We recommend registering before taking your craft down to the barge at Fremantle.
  • A final race briefing will take place at 6.30pm. All competitors must attend for final instructions.
  • If you have entered online you must still register on Friday and collect your timing chip and other event items.
  • If you collect your timing chip and then decide not to do the event on race day you must call the event director Dean Gardiner on 0427 171 403. This is an important safety requirement. Once you collect your timing chip we will assume you have started the race.
  • You can enter the ‘Doctor’ on Friday, however, a late fee will be charged. We encourage everyone to enter online before 5pm Thursday.
  • If you require a Flare you can order one when entering online and collect at the registration (mandatory equipment).
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: NO ALCOHOL is allowed outside of the club hall and BBQ area as this will be breaching the clubs licence policy. This includes no alcohol on the outside grass area. Thank you for your cooperation.

Chat with the Champions hosted by Guy Leech 

5pm at Sorrento Beach SLSC

Come and hear form the top male and female paddlers about how they train and prepare for racing.

Shaw and Partners Dash for Cash Presentation 

6pm at Sorrento Beach SLSC

Saturday 23rd November 2019 (Doctor Race Day)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you register on Friday night and decide not to do the race you must call the event director Dean Gardiner on 0427 171 403 to advise you have withdrawn.

Breakfast available at Sorrento Beach SLSC from 7am.

Ferry to Rottnest Island

Competitors travel to Rottnest Island by ferry. This takes approx 40mins.

Rottnest Fast Ferries are our preferred Ferry carrier. The ferry departs from Hillarys Marina at 7.30 and 8.00am. You must book directly with Rottnest Fast Ferries. Click here for more info.

We want all competitors to be on Rottnest Island as early as possible as the event may start anytime from 10am onwards depending on shipping movements and conditions.

Make sure you take the following to Rottnest Island:

  • Lifejacket
  • Leash
  • Flare
  • Pealess whistle
  • Mobile phone/VHF radio
  • Timing chip – to be worn on your ankle
  • Rudder for your ski and tools to attached your rudder
  • Paddle
  • Fluids for the race (you can purchase drinks at Rottnest if needed but it is strongly recommended to take water with you for both pre and during the race)
  • Sponsor and race number stickers for your craft that will be provided at registration

Take minimal gear as what you take to Rottnest you will need to paddle back with! Do not take anything other than what you are paddling in or what can be thrown away on Rottnest as we are unable to bring any gear back to the mainland. Please ensure you use rubbish bins at Rottnest.

There will be equipment scrutineering on Rottnest Island. Any competitor that does not abide by the stated Rules and Equipment requirements will be automatically disqualified and prohibited from racing.

On Rottnest Island

When you arrive on Rottnest you must get your craft off the barge. The barge will be at the Main Jetty where the ferry arrives. You are responsible for looking after your own craft.

You can install your rudders at the Main Jetty and paddle over (south) to Army Jetty where the start will be.

You must place the race number stickers and sponsor stickers on your craft once you get to Rottnest. These will be provided on Friday at registration.

Race Check-In & Equipment Check

All competitors will be required to check in at Rottnest Island to the officials. This will be done prior to the race briefing over at Army Jetty. You must check in and show your mandatory equipment. Any competitors that fail to check-in will be disqualified and unable to race. Click here for the Mandatory Equipment Sign Off Form.

Race Briefing

This will take place prior to the start at Army Jetty. See map below.

Start Location

Army Jetty, Thompson Bay, Rottnest Island. See map below

The race will start immediately in front of the Army Jetty. The course will pass to the South of both Phillip Rock and Centaur Reef South Cardinal Marker.  After rounding the Centaur Reef South Cardinal Marker it will be a direct line to Sorrento Beach. The details of the finish will be explained at the briefing. Check the Course page. 

Start Times

The start time is dependent on shipping movements and conditions and can take place anytime from 10am onwards. Therefore please ensure you get to Rottnest Island as early as possible.

We plan to have 3 start waves.

  • Wave 1: SUPs & Prone Paddleboards
  • Wave 2: OC1s ,plastics and ladies
  • Wave 3: All other categories


Finish Location

Sorrento Beach, outside Surf Life Saving Club.


Approx 6.00/6.30pm at Sorrento Beach SLSC.

Sorrento SLSC will have food and drinks available to purchase. Please support the club that supports our event and join us for dinner and drinks.

Oceanpaddler contacts during the event:

Dean Gardiner: 0427 171 403

Yanda Morison: 0414 454 648

Sherene LaGasse: 0427 174 472

Sorrento Beach Map

Rottnest Island Map