Craft Transport to Rottnest Island

Barge Loading Information – Craft Transport to Rottnest

Important information regarding barge loading.

Friday 23rd November from 2.30pm

There have been some significant changes to the way the barge will be loaded this year.

When you bring your paddling craft down to Fremantle you will need to go to a staging area. This is the large truck stop area near the Caltex on the outskirts of the Port, about 1km from the barge. The address is the corner of Manoora Close and Port Beach Rd,  Fremantle. See map below.

We will have someone at this location who will check you off the list and issue you a number. Groups of cars will be released from the area in roughly 5 minute intervals to go to the barge in the numbered order. You will be provided with directions to the barge loading area.

If you turn up at the barge without a number you will not get on.

There is strictly no parking on the street around the barge area.

There is enough room for roughly ten cars to come into the barge and unload without parking on the street.

We recommend that you double up with a friend as this will reduce the waiting times and the line up at the staging area.

We will not have anyone at the staging area before 2.30pm. We plan to finish loading by around 4.30-5pm.

If you have not booked the barge (during the online entry) please email us to be put on the waiting list. You cannot book online anymore you need to email

If you have hired at Fenn Ski from Oceanpaddler – your hire ski will be on a trailer in the barge loading area. You will need to go to the Staging Area to get your number then to the barge loading area and take your ski off the trailer and put it on the barge.

We have been directed by Fremantle Ports to operate this way. If we do not comply we risk not being able to use this transport option again. We ask that you do the right thing.

What you need to do and bring: 

It is a big job getting all the craft on the barge so please be patient when we do this.

  • For skis and OC1s all rudders must be removed prior to loading
  • For SUP’s and paddleboards all fins must be removed
  • Bring old straps to tie your craft on (you may not get these back)
  • Bring some light padding to the barge such as old bits of foam etc

NOTE: If you take your craft in a cover you must arrange for the cover to be taken back to the mainland yourself. We will not be taking anything back to the mainland for you.

The barge leaves Fremantle very early on race morning and will arrive at the main jetty. When you arrive on the ferry you will then head over to the barge and unload your craft. You are responsible for ensuring your own craft is taken off the barge.

NOTE: Please be aware that Oceanpaddler will not be responsible for any damage or loss that may occur during the transport of your craft on the barge.

Rottnest Island Map