Event Information

Charles Stewart Memorial Cup

An event of the Anytime Fitness Australian Ocean Racing Series presented by Shaw and Partners.

Saturday 16th September 2017

Charles Stewart paddling at Ningaloo Reef during one of the Oceanpaddlers Expeditions.

 The Course

‘The Little Chucky’ – Junior Race

This year we are introducing ‘The Little Chucky’ Junior race. There will be three separate races for Ski, SUP and Boards with three age categories in each – 13yrs & under, 15yrs & under and 17yrs & under. Check out the list of categories below for the Ski and Board sizes applicable for each age group. We encourage you to do all 3 races so bring down all your craft.

The SUP and Board races will compete over 600m and the Ski races over 1km.  This will take place from Fishermans Beach.

‘The Chucky’ – Open Race

The event will take place at Fishermans Beach, Collaroy.  There will be both a Long Course 16km and SUP/ Paddleboard/ Short Course 8km.

The proposed courses are outlined below. The final course will be dependent on wind and weather conditions on the day. We will advise this prior to the event. Please check this website and Facebook for updates on the morning of the event.

Westerly and Light Southerly winds

  • Long Course – Start at Fishermans to Manly Beach and return to Fishermans
  • SUP/Paddleboard/Short Course – Start at Fishermans to South Dee Why and return to Fishermans

Strong Southerly Winds

  • Long Course – Start at Fishermans to Makaha to Narrabeen and return to Fishermans x 2 laps
  • Short Course – Start at Fishermans to Makaha to Narrabeen and return to Fishermans

Northerly based winds

  • Long Course – Start at Fishermans to Newport Reef and return to Fishermans
  • SUP/Paddleboard/Short Course – Start at Mona Vale Basin and finish Fishermans

Click here for Course Maps


‘The Little Chucky’ Categories

  • Ski 13yrs & under  – any ski type – (1km)
  • Ski 15yrs & under – any ski type (1km)
  • Ski 17yrs & under – Any ski type (1km)
  • SUP 13yrs & under – any board size (600m)
  • SUP 15yrs & under – any board size (600m)
  • SUP 17yrs & under – any board size (600m)
  • Board 13yrs & under – Nipper board (600m)
  • Board 15yrs & under – Open clubbie board (600m)
  • Board 17yrs & under – Open clubbie board (600m)

‘The Chucky’ Categories

Long Course

The AORS Categories will be used for the Long Course and AORS points will be awarded.

Individuals Male and Female

  • Ski Open
  • Ski Under 19
  • Ski Over 40
  • Ski Over 50
  • Ski Over 60 (male only)
  • OC1
  • SLSA Spec Ski’s


  • Double – all double craft types
  • Mixed Double – Any mixed team of a male and female competitor or at least one female, all double craft types

SUP / Paddleboard / Short Course

The AORS SUP and Prone Paddleboard categories will be used and AORS points will be awarded.

  • SUP Male and Female Open
  • SUP Male and Female 40+
  • SUP Male 50+
  • SUP Male 14’foot
  • Prone Paddleboard Male
  • Prone Paddleboard Male 40+
  • Prone Paddleboard Female
  • Ski, OC1 and all other craft (not eligible for AORS points)

Category note: For prizes and awards there must be at least 5 entries in the category. Where there are less than 5 entries then those competitors will be moved to the next most relevant category.

Event Times (updated as at 9th August 2017)

The registration, briefing, start and finish of the race will all take place at Fishermans Beach, Long Reef.

‘The Little Chucky’ Event Times (Junior race)

  • 6.30am – Registration opens
  • 7.30am – Registration closes
  • 7.45am – Briefing
  • 8.00am – Race start 
  • Presentations will take place after the open race commences approx 9.40am

‘The Chucky’ Event Times (Open race)

  • 7.30am – Registration opens
  • 9.00am – Registration closes
  • 9.15am – Briefing
  • 9.30am – Race start

Presentations will take place after the event at Fishermans Beach.


**Applicable for ‘The Chucky’ Open Event only.

  • All Surf ski, SUP, OC1 competitors must wear an approved Level 50 Lifejacket or greater (hi-vis preferred & recommended). An approved Level 50S Lifejacket can only be worn with a hi-vis shirt over the top. No black or dull colour lifejackets will be permitted. No inflatable bum bag style lifejackets are permitted except for prone paddleboard competitors
  • Prone paddleboard competitors only are permitted to wear and approved Level 100 Inflatable bum bag lifejackets. Oceanpaddler will have these available to purchase or hire. Please contact us prior.
  • Prone paddleboard competitors must wear a hi-vis shirt.
  • All competitors must wear a Safety Leg Leash – a leash that attaches the paddler to the craft
  • All competitors must wear the electronic timing chip provided at registration
  • It is recommended to wear hi-vis hat / clothing
  • It is recommended to carry a mobile phone in a water proof bag
  • It is recommended to carry water for the race

A list of approved lifejackets can be found here. 

Scrutineering of compulsory equipment may take place at registration on race morning. Please ensure you have the correct equipment

Race Rules

All competitors must abide by the following race rules:

  • Wear / carry the mandatory equipment as outlined above (‘The Chucky’ event)
  • Register for the event on the morning of the race and collect the timing chip
  • Attend the pre-race briefing prior to the start
  • Stop and help any other competitor/s in difficulty whilst on the course
  • Follow the event course at all times
  • Follow the direction of water safety officials at all times 
  • If a competitor withdraws mid-event they must notify the event officials either in person or by phone to be formally withdrawn from the event. Official contact numbers will be available at registration


Entry Fees

‘The Little Chucky’ Entry Fees

Price includes entry to all 3 events; Ski, SUP and Boards.

  • $10 online 
  • $20 on the day

‘The Chucky’ Entry Fees

  • $60 Singles (online)
  • $30 Under 19 Singles (online)
  • $80 Doubles (online)

Late Entries fees incur an additional $20 for on the day entry.


Entry Refunds & Cancellations

Entry cancellations can be made up to two weeks before the event date when a refund (less 20% administration fee) will be made. Refunds will not be given after this date. Please send requests for refunds in writing to contact@oceanpaddler.com. If the event has to be cancelled due to weather conditions or natural disasters or any other reason so deemed by the organisers, the event will be rescheduled where possible and no refunds will be issued.