Fundraising for Fragile X

Fundraise for Fragile X

Fragile X is a genetic condition affecting as many as 90,000 Australians. It can impact whole families. Fragile X syndrome is the leading genetic cause of intellectual disability, and the most common known cause of autism.  Fragile X can also result in a Parkinson’s-like symptoms, and in fertility problems for some women.

Fragile X Association is a small Manly-based charity providing support for children and adults affected by Fragile X across Australia.


Show Your Support & Fundraise or Donate Today!

Paddle the Bridge to Beach and have your friends and family support you for every kilometre you paddle. Your fundraising will resource our Family Support Service. This is a trained counsellor who provides support and information for families: on care for people with Fragile X, guidance on the NDIS, and referrals to health professionals expert in Fragile X.

It’s easy. Click on START FUNDRAISING NOW. You will be redirected to the MyCause Fundraising page where you can get started by letting all your friends and family know you are paddling the Bridge to Beach and need their help. Every dollar helps. 

Shaw and Partners Doubles Their Commitment to Match Donations to Fragile X in 2018

For the second year running, Shaw and Partners has generously committed to match, dollar for dollar, donations made to the Manly Wharf Bridge to Beach event charity Fragile X Association.

Last year they matched the $5,000 we helped raise for Fragile X.

This year Shaw and Partners has doubled their commitment and will match Bridge to Beach donations to Fragile X to a cap of $10,000!

This could mean a total of $20,000 raised through Bridge to Beach 2018 to help fund the specialist family support service offered to Fragile X families across Australia!

” We’re proud to be the charity partner for this iconic race, and we value the support of our local paddling community and Oceanpaddler highly. The dollar matching by Shaw and Partners makes a powerful difference, doubling the impact of the donations made through Bridge to Beach 2018.”
Fragile X Association of Australia, Brookvale

Participants can donate to Fragile X when entering online or fundraise through MyCause.

Let’s go for it, and help raise $10,000 for Fragile X!

This throws it back to you, the paddler, to dig deep and make a contribution to Fragile X, as every $ you donate means $2 goes to this worthwhile organisation and your donation is tax deductible.

For more information on Shaw and Partners, visit http://www.

For more information on Fragile X, visit

Fragile X: Impact on whole families  

Meet Rosemarie McRae. A former helicopter pilot, she’s flown all over the world, mustered via chopper in the outback, and flown out to oil rigs with supplies & for sea rescues.  But now in her 60’s Rosemarie has a Fragile X condition, an incurable tremor and cognitive issues.  Her daughters have inherited Fragile X from her. 

Watch a 90 second clip about Fragile X in the McRae family on Channel 7 News: