Fundraising for Fragile X

Fundraise for Fragile X

Fragile X is a genetic condition affecting as many as 90,000 Australians. It can impact whole families. Fragile X syndrome is the leading genetic cause of intellectual disability, and the most common known cause of autism.  Fragile X can also result in a Parkinson’s-like symptoms, and in fertility problems for some women.

Fragile X Association is a small Manly-based charity providing support for children and adults affected by Fragile X across Australia.

Stuart X | narrated by Cate Blanchett | sponsored by Shaw and Partners.

This 5-minute film is the story of Stuart Iredale and his long journey to a diagnosis of Fragile X. Born in the 1950s when Fragile X was not known, Stuart suffered years of institutionalisation and mistreatment, before finally being diagnosed with Fragile X and being given a new pathway of care and support.

Stuart X was filmed by northern beaches filmmaker Thibault Upton, and is narrated by Academy Award winning Australian actor Cate Blanchett.
Stuart’s family is from the northern beaches and initiated the Bridge to Beach charity sponsorship of Fragile X Association of Australia from 2014.