2nd Hand

2nd Hand Skis, Kayaks and Paddles

We have a full range of 2nd hand skis, kayaks and paddles available.  Please come and view them in our North Manly store at 410 Pittwater Rd, North Manly.

Ocean Skis

Ex-Demo and Used Skis 

Oceanpaddler has a number of used ski in excellent condition. Many of them only used once or twice in an event. Please see below list of skis available. 

  • Fenn Elite S – Hybrid – $3500
  • Fenn Elite S – Carbon – $4100
  • LS Spec Ski – $2500


Fenn  Elite – Carbon

2010 model. In good condition, a few gel coat blemishes. 

Construction: Carbon

Price: $2000

Photos coming soon!


Nelo M Ocean Ski

Nelo M Ocean Ski. 

Carbon, 11kg. 3 years old very good condition
Length 6.4m   |    Width 42cm

Construction: Carbon

Price: $2,000

Fenn  SL Elite – Carbon

Approx 5 years old. In good condition. 

Construction: Carbon

Price: $1200

Photos coming soon!


Elite Double – carbon

Great condition Fenn Elite carbon double. Only 2 years old. Weights approx 17kg.

Construction: Carbon

Price: $3,500

Photos coming soon!

Fenn Mako 6 – Carbon

Good condition Fenn Mako 6 carbon ski. Approx 5 years old. 

Has had 2 repairs, one on seam and one on hull. 

Construction: Carbon

Price: $1,500

Photos coming soon.