Entry Information

Entry Information

Categories for ‘The Doctor’

  • Ocean Ski Open Male
  • Ocean Ski Open Female
  • Ocean Ski Over 40 Male
  • Ocean Ski Over 40 Female
  • Ocean Ski Over 50 Male
  • Ocean Ski Over 50 Female
  • Ocean Ski Over 60 Male
  • Ocean Ski Under 19 Male
  • Ocean Ski Under 19 Female
  • Spec Ski Male
  • Spec Ski Female
  • Plastic craft Male
  • Plastic craft Female
  • Sea Kayak Male
  • Sea Kayak Female
  • Double (any craft type)
  • Mixed Double (any craft type and at least one female. All female teams to enter this category)
  • Prone Paddleboard Male
  • Prone Paddleboard Over 40
  • Prone Paddleboard Female
  • OC1 Male
  • OC1 Female
  • SUP Open Male
  • SUP Open Female
  • SUP Over 40 Male
  • SUP Over 40 Female
  • SUP Over 50 Male
  • SUP 14′ Male

Category note: For prizes and awards there must be at least 5 entries in the category. Where there are less than 5 entries then those competitors will be moved to the next most relevant category.

Entry Fees

Race Fees

  • Individuals excluding under 19 category: $120
  • Under 19: $95
  • Doubles: $220 per team

Elite Category Entry Fee (Skis only):

  • Additional $50

The Elite Category is for those competitors that wish to be eligible for prize money. Prize money will be awarded the following categories:

  • Top 6 in Open Male Ski
  • Top 3 in Open Female Ski
  • Top 1 in Under 19 Male Ski
  • Top 3 in Over 40 Male Ski
  • Top 1 in Over 40 Female  Ski
  • Top 1 in Over 50 Male Ski
  • Top 1 in Double Ski
  • Top 1 in Mixed Double Ski

Craft Transport to Rottnest Island (Pre-booked prices only – You must book craft transport during the online entry process)

  • $30 for Surf skis, OC1′s, Plastics & Sea Kayaks
  • $50 for Double craft
  • $25 for SUP’s

Click here for information.

Ferry Tickets

The Ferry Ticket is not included in your entry fee. You must book your ferry ticket to Rottnest Island. Our preferred carrier offering competitor discounts is Rottnest Fast Ferries. A one way ticket to Rottnest Island including the discount is $50.75.

Click here for information.  

Late Entry Fees

We strongly recommend all competitors pre-enter online in order to avoid late entry fees. Online entries will close on Thursday midnight prior to the event. We will accept entries on Friday at Sorrento Beach SLSC at registration however a $20 late fee will be charged.

An additional $20 late fee for Craft Transport will be charged if you have not pre-booked your craft transport online and just turn up on the day (pending availability).

Entry Refunds & Cancellations

Entry cancellations can be made up to two weeks before the event date when a refund (less 20% administration fee) will be made. Refunds will not be given after this date. Please send requests for refunds in writing to contact@oceanpaddler.com. If the event has to be cancelled due to weather conditions or natural disasters or any other reason so deemed by the organisers, the event will be rescheduled where possible and no refunds will be issued.


*A note on Insurance

The event organiser, Oceanpaddler, has public liability insurance. This does not include or cover personal accident insurance for the competitors. All other insurances are the sole responsibility of the competitors.