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Enter Online

IMPORTANT NOTE: Craft Transport to Rottnest – Barge Bookings

We have cut off bookings for the barge as we may have reached full capacity. We believe there will be space for additional craft but will not know this until we have loaded all pre-booked craft.

You must email us at contact@oceanpaddler.com to put your name on the waiting list (include your craft type and mobile number when emailing). Please come to the barge loading after 4 pm and we will attempt to get as many craft on the barge as possible. You will need to bring payment with you in cash which is $25 for SUPS/Paddleboards, $30 for Single Skis and $50 for Double Skis. If you do not email us prior and just turn up to the barge and we have space, then the additional $20 late fee will apply. Check the program page for details on where the barge loading will take place at Fremantle.

Please ensure you have read and understood the RULES & EQUIPMENT as outlined on the event website prior to continuing with this online entry. We also recommend viewing the below general safety video.

Equipment scrutineering will take place at registration on Friday 24th Nov and on Rottnest Island prior to race start. You must bring to registration on Friday your lifejacket, leash, flare and hi-vis item to be checked.

Spectator Transport

Your friends and family can watch you race in The Doctor onboard Silverado Charter Boat. The spectator can catch the ferry to Rottnest Island with the paddler then jump on board the boat for the return journey.  

Bookings and full details available here.

Safety Video